Products Provided   

CS Music and Game's operate's the newest jukeboxes available. Our jukeboxes hold 1000's of songs and with our high end speakers sound like live music.
Our jukeboxes display crystal clear music videos, on your television's or ours! 

CS Music and Game's operate's the most attractive merchandising cranes. We stock only the latest and most popular products, such as Domo, Pac Man, Capt. America dolls, and Disney product's and many more.....

At CS Music and Games we offer challenging and lucrative merchandisers for your business. These fun games offer children and adults of all ages, try their hand at winning prizes. 

CS Music and Game's provide pool tables which are felted regularly.  Our tables can accept coins and/or bills and electronically display customer credits. 

Who doesn't  love air hockey! 
CS Music and Games operates quality air hockey tables.  
Place one of these high earners today! 

Gum Balls ~ Hard Candy ~Small Toys
CS Music and Games offers large and small bulk racks.  Fill these coin operated machines with a rainbow of eye catching colors of bubble gum, candy or even small toys.  

Pinball machines have been played in bars for years and will be for years to come.  It's time to get the ball rolling with CS Music and Games and place one of these money making games in your bar.